“Denise Moreland…is a great believer in building respectful and positive environments. This book will prove useful to both managers and employees alike as the rules about who’s ‘the boss’ are being re-written in the new work space.”

– Alan Caruba, Bookviews’ June 2012 report on “the best in new … books” (Bookviews)

“…wouldn’t it be great if you did not hate Monday’s. ‘Imagine a workplace that is safe, no one feels resentful, taken advantage of or invisible.’ Imagine that. Read this and you just might make it happen where you work…Great resource for business student just learning how to become more effective in the workplace and how to handle many difficult situations.”

Fran Lewis, Blog Reviewer (

“Management Culture is a clearly written and practical assessment of the nature and implications of collaborative management versus authoritative management. Moreland reminds us, with real-life stories and examples, of the mutual benefits of collaboration, cooperation, and partnerships, while noting with equal dexterity the deleterious and poisonous effects of an over-reliance on power and authority. Managers and employees would benefit equally if they read and discussed this book — especially if they read and discussed it together!”

David Kaiser, Faculty, University of Minnesota and Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

“Bosses have never had a more compassionate and insightful analyst. Ms. Moreland shares the wisdom gained of her own management experiences as she deftly explores the fabric of work cultures and provides concrete strategies to improve interpersonal relationships.”

Johanna Berg, Chief Information Officer

“Ms. Moreland’s insights are astute and on target. This book will become a classic–a powerful tool for the novice or experienced manager. The issues and solutions she presents are critical to bridge the gulf that erodes creativity, focus and productivity in today’s workforce.”

Marge Scudder Brchan, MS, MSPH, President, HealthReady, Inc.

“This is a useful tool for managers interested in becoming good bosses and making their workplaces healthy and their businesses successful. I appreciated her practical advice.”

John Marty, Minnesota State Senator

“This down-to-earth, logical guide encourages leaders to focus on their most critical success factor—employees. Ms. Moreland provides tools to develop a values-driven leadership approach that taps into employees’ full potential, resulting in shared success.”

Dee Murphy, SPHR

“This is an excellent resource for management on a topic that you rarely find. I kept thinking, “She’s right, that’s exactly how it is.” I believe that almost all of us in management want to have great relationships with employees. This book gives great advice on how to do that.”

Kim Pearson, Nurse Manager, RNBC

“This book gave me ideas and different perspectives to see my leadership in a new way. It should be required reading for leaders to enrich their contributions by engaging the employees they manage.”

Joline Storla, Hospital Department Director

“In a tight economy, where people are just glad to have paying work, their options for switching jobs when things aren’t going well close down. This means managers and employees need skills for turning the situation around. I would reach for this book in a heartbeat seeking help and encouragement.”

Christina Baldwin, author of Storycatcher, Making Sense of our Lives through the Power and Practice of Story and The Circle Way: A Leader in Every Chair