About the Author

Denise Moreland has been an employee for 37 years, in a wide range of positions, including a driver’s education instructor, youth director, waitress, welfare worker, business analyst and technology manager. Twenty of those years she has been a manager for a large government agency. Throughout her career, she has been fascinated by hierarchical dynamics and relationships between employees and managers that often work at cross-purposes to business goals, which compelled her to write this book.

Ms. Moreland is a successful, highly respected middle manager, responsible for getting work done in a complex and bureaucratic organization. She has a passion for creating positive and respectful work environments, and offers her observations, examples and insights based on real-world experience.

With a reputation as an excellent leader, Ms. Moreland is often asked to be a mentor and coach, facilitate strategic planning retreats and develop workshops on leadership. In addition to her management work, Ms. Moreland has a business, LifeGuides, through which she offers life and leadership coaching, facilitation and  public speaking on work-life balance and organizational culture.

Ms. Moreland has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Religion, and a Master of Arts in Public Administration. She is a certified associate in the Human Systems Dynamics Institute (HSDI) and has completed Co-Active Coaching core courses from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). She lives with her partner, Deb, in Minnesota.